Needs Thanks Smart Group

Smart groups are groups built by FundHero based on the information in your account. You can recognize smart groups based on the smart icon .

Any donation that comes in through FundHero’s donation page or is manually added is automatically assigned as Needs Thanks.

To pull up the Needs Thanks Group:

  • Click Contacts  in the main navigation bar
  • Select the Groups Icon 
  • Navigate to Needs Thanks

Fulfilling Needs Thanks:

Fulfilling Needs Thanks does not auto send anything. This is just a way for you to track your own personalized thank yous.

  • From the Needs Thanks group above, select the contact that needs to be thanked
  • Find the donation that has say thanks in grey on the right hand side
  • Click “say thanks” and it will automatically be confirmed as thanked and will be removed from the “Needs Thanks” group 

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