Donation Page Image

To ensure your donation page functions well and looks great on any device we have some tips for your image. Here are our recommendations: Image Dimensions: 660×300 Image Layout: Landscape File types accepted: JPG or PNG Following these guidelines will help your image to display at the highest quality in […]

Track Thank Yous

Thank you notes are an important part of fundraising. Thanking your donors for their contributions shows that you appreciate their support and they are more likely to stick around and support you in the future. This can be thanks through email, text, letter, phone call. You decide! However you want […]

Using FundHero for Call Time

Most fundraisers are familiar with call time, the donor outreach method that is essential for any fundraiser. It regularly looks like a large list of names, even a binder full of contacts and all their information. Getting ready for call time takes work. The fundraising team needs to pull together […]

How does FundHero’s search work?

FundHero allows you to search contacts in two places. The Contacts Page and on the Main Navigation Bar. The search pulls up contacts when the characters input match: First Name Last Name Email Organization Phone Number FundHero is currently working on Custom Smart Groups. These will allow you to filter […]

How to Edit Stripe Information

FundHero partners with Stripe for secure credit card processing. Due to their security, there are some issues that need to be resolved with Stripe and not FundHero. To navigate to your Stripe information: Click on Donation Page in the main navigation bar Click the Open Stripe button Click Account Personal Details: The information […]

Donation Page Advanced Options

Advanced options let you add more customization to your donation page. It is limited in some ways, and that’s because FundHero has focused on simplicity and optimization. This means there is less work for you to do, and we spend the time testing the pages to guarantee that when someone […]

Contact Activities

FundHero allows you to track all interactions you have with donors through an activity history timeline. There are five types of activities you can log under each contact: Pledges Donations Actions Emails Tasks

How to Create a Task

To create a task: Click Contacts in the main navigation bar Navigate to the contact you want to add a task to Click the Task icon Enter in the task information, assign a user (optional), and click Save Tasks will allows appear at the top of the contact timeline until they are completed.

How to Send an Email

If you are looking to change the email FundHero currently sends from visit this article. Please Note: FundHero focuses on one-to-one donor interactions. All emails are sent from your email account so that emails are less likely to get caught in spam and are more personal. To send an email: Click Contacts in […]

How to log Actions

Actions are manually logged information to help you stay up to date with your donor interactions. To log an action on your desktop: Click Contacts in the main navigation bar Navigate to the contact you want to add an action to Click the Action icon Enter in the Action Type Call Email Meet […]