How to Import Contacts

Before Importing Contacts:  If you want to add contacts to groups, you need to make sure you create the group before you begin the upload.

Please Note: Contact imports will produce duplicates. FundHero is currently limited to 500 contacts in the basic version. You will need to upgrade to premium to add more. 

Importing Contacts:

  • Click List Management in the main navigation bar
  • Scroll down to navigate to Import Contacts and click  New Import
  • Download the CSV file
  • Copy and paste your data into FundHero’s columns
  • Save the file as a .csv (comma separated values)

Column Heading Notes: 

TypeDifferentiates an individual contact from an organization

Organization: Where the contact works

Title: Contact’s Job Title/ Position

  • Click Choose File, select your CSV file, and click Next
  • Match the columns from your CSV to the FundHero database
  • Confirm that the number of contacts to be imported is correct and then click Import Contacts

To create an individual contact in FundHero check out this article here.


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