Integrating with MailChimp

Please Note: The MailChimp integration is only available to premium users.

To provide FundHero users with an option to send Mass and customizable we have provided a MailChimp integration. MailChimp offers a free plan and similar pricing structure to FundHero so you don’t have to worry about additional fees.

Please note: FundHero’s integration is a one-way contact push from Fundhero to Mailchimp. This is to help ensure your FundHero database does not get cluttered with unnecessary contacts and stays focused on donors and high priority contacts. Just make sure to link any emails to FundHero’s donation page so if someone does donate they will get logged in FundHero.

This integration matches based off of First Name, Last Name, and Email; if any of those appear differently in MailChimp it will create a new contact. If there is no email or no name in FundHero it will not be added to MailChimp.

First: To integrate your FundHero account with MailChimp you must first sign up for a MailChimp account. You can learn more and sign up for your account here > .

  1. Click the settings iconin the top right corner of the main navigation bar
  2. Navigate to Settings and click the Integrations button
  3. Click the red button that says Connect MailChimp
  4.  Login to your MailChimp account – once the account is logged in you will be redirected back to FundHero (you may need to click on the Integrations button once again)
  5. Select which MailChimp Audience you would like to send FundHero contacts to
  6. Optional: Select which FundHero group you want to send to MailChimp (if no group is selected FundHero will send the full contact list to MailChimp)
  7. Click Push Contacts

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