Email Templates – Announcing Your Campaign

About these templates:

These templates are a few different samples you can select from when trying to figure out how to announce your campaign and begin your fundraising efforts.

Everything in brackets [ ] should be edited to fit the information about your cause.

Everything in braces { } should be linked to your donation page.

Announcement Email – Example 1


Subject: My Big Announcement!

Dear [FNAME],

I want you to be among the first to know that I have decided to run for [OFFICE] this fall. I believe in the importance of public service and giving a strong voice to the people of the [STATE OR CITY].

With my commitment and your support, I believe we can [ISSUE YOU WANT TO IMPROVE/GOAL OF CAMPAIGN].

The most important quality of a winning campaign is a strong foundation of supporters. I am looking to build that foundation and I need your help to do it.

Will you consider donating your time, talent, or financial support? It’s been exciting to see the momentum we’ve built so far and I look forward to [REINFORCE GOAL].


If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions please feel free to email me at [EMAIL ADDRESS] or call [PHONE NUMBER].



 Announcement Email – Example 2


Subject: Today’s the day!

Hi [Name],

It’s official! I have launched my campaign and I am running for public office.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I feel I’ve been fortunate in my life and I want to play a role in making my community a better place.

I know this is going to be a big and challenging endeavor, and I am committed. That’s why I’m emailing you.

For better or worse, campaigns take money and I need to first engage my network to support the early stages of this effort, so I’m emailing you – my closest friends and family members – and to ask for support. {Will you make a $35, $75, $100, or more donation today?}


In advance, thanks. Your early support will help me build a base and engage a broader community of more traditional political donors. It means a lot.

Thanks again,


Announcement Email – Example 3


Subject: Special Announcement!


As [PERSONAL CHARACTERISTIC/DESCRIPTION,] I am running for [OFFICE] because our city deserves someone that makes our [overarching GOAL OF CAMPAIGN].

Whether it was in my role as [PAST WORK] I have always worked for positive change in our community. Now I am officially running to be the next [OFFICE OF CITY/STATE]. The people of our city/state deserve a/an [OFFICE]  that is willing to stand up and fight for [GOALS OF CAMPAIGN].

To be successful, I am going to need your help. Campaigns are won and lost based on the foundation of support they build early. There are many candidates who have been at this for longer and have better name recognition than me, so I need your help to get the word out.

I’m asking for you to consider supporting me in this race, not only for the betterment of our community, but to achieve [GOAL OF CAMPAIGN]. {Visit our website to learn more}, sign up to volunteer, or make a financial contribution today. {Whether it’s $5 or $500, your donation today will build the foundation we need to run a successful campaign. Can I count on you?}


Let’s work together to make [CITY/STATE] an even better place to live and work. With your help we can start making real progress.