Social Media Fundraising – Nonprofit

Example 1 – Issue Focused

You can help me as I try to [ISSUE YOUR ORGANIZATION TACKLES]! Your support goes a long way. Would you consider making a donation (even a small gift) to help me in my fundraising efforts? {YOUR DONATION PAGE LINK}

Example 2 – Issue Focused 2

Hey friends! I need your help in raising money for [ISSUE YOUR ORGANIZATION TACKLES]! I only need [AMOUNT] more to reach my goal. Help me to make a difference by supporting this fantastic organization. {YOUR DONATION PAGE LINK}

Example 3 – Story Focused

[ORGANIZATION STORY]. Today, I’m trying to make a difference by supporting this organization. You can also help me make a difference by donating today. {YOUR DONATION PAGE LINK}

Example 4 – Deadline

It’s the last day of [QUARTER/MONTH] and we are so close to hitting our goal! There is still time to help as we try to [ISSUE ORGANIZATION TACKLES]. Donate today and help us get one step closer towards improving [CITY/DISTRICT]. {YOUR DONATION PAGE LINK}