Email Drive – Labor Day

About this campaign:

This email campaign can help boost your fundraising near labor day. Giving your contacts a deadline builds a sense of urgency and can help move them towards donation.

Everything in brackets [ ] should be edited to fit the information about your cause.

Everything in braces { } should be linked to your donation page.

Email 1 – Launch of Drive

Subject: It’s just around the corner…

Date: 1 Week before Labor Day 


As you know, I am working hard to win [DISTRICT/CITY]. Our campaign is recruiting volunteers, knocking on doors, walking in parades, and talking to voters. Now, with Labor Day just around the corner, our campaign is heating up and I need your help to help to get there. Will you join me?

Prior to Labor Day, my campaign needs to raise $[AMOUNT] to help pay for [LAWN SIGNS, ADVERTISING, CAMPAIGN LITERATURE, ETC]. Today, I’m launching a mini fundraising drive and I’m hoping I can call on my best supporters and advocates – people like you – to make a contribution. 

{Can you donate $35, $75, $100, or $250 today? Here is a link to my donation page.}

To meet my goals, I need to raise these funds BEFORE Labor Day. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. In advance, thank you for joining me,



Email 2 – Progress Update

Subject: I need your help!

Date: 3 days after previous email


I reached out to you before to let you know about the mini-drive I’m doing to raise $[AMOUNT]. So far we have raised $[CURRENT AMOUNT]. I still need your help in this effort! 

All donations received in response to this email will go towards [LAWN SIGNS, ADVERTISING, CAMPAIGN LITERATURE, ETC]. We know our opponent is working hard too, and your help will bring us one step closer to winning this election.

{If you have not already donated, will you consider contributing today?} 

{Donate Today!}

Thank you for your continued support,


Email 3 – Almost There

Subject: So close…

Date: 2-3 Days after previous email


We are almost there! 

With the support of so many people we are close to reaching the fundraising goal. We only need to raise $[AMOUNT] more BEFORE Labor Day. {Can I count on you to make a quick donation?}

I am committed to this [DISTRICT/CITY] and finding meaningful solutions to the challenges our citizens face. Our campaign team is working nights and weekends and doing as much as we can through volunteers. But to win this race, I am going to need the continued financial support of people like you.

There are only a few days left of this fundraising drive and we are so close! Whether is $5, $35, $100, $250 or more, every donation can make a big difference!


Thank you!


Email 4 – Thank You/Success

Subject: THANK YOU!

Date: 1 day after labor day


We did it! With your help we were able to successfully reach the goal and we are ramping up for the November election!

I know there are lots of great causes and candidates seeking support, so I’m humbled by all our donors are making possible. Your continued support will help me in moving my campaign forward and making it that much closer to the finish line. 

I’ll be in touch soon to continue updating you on all the great things that are happening. Here is to winning in November!

Thank you for everything,


P.S. {Feel free to share my donation page and let your friends know about my campaign.}