Fees and Reporting Fees

What are FundHero’s fees?

FundHero’s total fees (including Stripe) is 4.9% + $0.30 per donation. This is what keeps FundHero going so we can provide you with the best fundraising tool possible.

Fee Coverage

To help you save money FundHero has given all donors the option to cover the processing fee. Over 65% of all donors cover this fee which means that more money goes straight to your account!

Reporting Fees

This is where things can get a little tricky. Each state/city requires a different way of reporting fees, we recommend you reach out to your local financial office so you know what their expectations are.

In FundHero’s contact page and under the amount section on the reports we always input the intended donation amount.

  • Total Charged: This is the amount the donors card was charged for.
  • Fee Paid by Donor: If the donor covers the fee the amount the donor paid will show here
  • Fee Paid by User: If the donor does not cover the fee the amount will be shown here
  • Total Transfer: This is the amount that was actually deposited into your bank account from this donation

This detailed breakdown will allow you to record your donations and expenses exactly as your local finance office requires.

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