Email Template – 100 Days to Go

About this Template:

This email template is a great way to boost your fundraising in your last 100 days. Copy the template, edit the information to fit your cause, then paste the template into your preferred email tool.

Everything in brackets [ ] should be edited to fit information about your cause.

Everything in braces { } should be linked to your donation page.

Date: July 26, 2020
Subject Line: 100 days out

Hi [NAME],

Quick update: Today marks just 100 days until the November election!

After months of engaging volunteers, talking to voters, and sharing our vision, it’s hard to believe we are just 100 days until this endeavor comes to an end. Thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters who are making this journey possible.



This election is about which candidate has the vision and energy to move our [DISTRICT/CITY/STATE] forward. Our staff and volunteers are some of the most dedicated around, but to win this race, we are going to need every last vote, and that’s why I’m hoping to call on you once more.

Our major media and campaign push begins in August, and there are lawn signs to print, mailers to send, and volunteers to feed. As we prepare for this final phase of the campaign, key budget decisions are being made today based on the resources in hand.

Your donation today will guide these decisions, and give us the confidence that we have the financial resources we need to win in November. {Can I count on you to donate $100, or as much as you can afford, today, as we stand just 100 days until the election?}

Once again and as always, thank you for your support. Let’s keep focused, work hard, and win in the next 100 days!