Email Drive – 30 Days to Go

About this Campaign:

This email campaign is a great way to boost your fundraising right at the end of the election. Copy the templates, edit the information to fit your cause, then paste the template into your email tool and schedule them to go out.

Everything in brackets [ ] should be edited to fit the information about your cause.

Everything in braces { } should be linked to your donation page.

Email 1

Date: October

Subject: 30 donors in 30 days


My campaign for [OFFICE] is heating up. My team is doing the legwork to win and with the election just around the corner, I am working hard to cross the finish line.

It’s officially October, and we are just one month away from the election. I am passionate about this community and finding lasting and meaningful solutions to the challenges facing our community. I need your help once more.

{My campaign has set the goal to receive 30 donations of $30 or in these final 30 days before the election from our grassroots funding base. Can you donate $30 today?}

{Donate $30 to support my campaign}

To meet our goals and keep this campaign moving forward, I am hoping to raise these funds by mid-October. {If you can, please help today.}

Once again, thank you for joining me.


Email 2

Date: October

Subject: In four weeks…


It’s official, we are 4 weeks the election.

I know we sent you quite a few emails over the last few months, but our funding comes from grassroots donors like you.  and this is the last email I’m going to send in this drive. 

We need just [NUMBER] more donations to hit our goal. {If you haven’t contributed yet, donate just [$30] to help us win this campaign.}

I am committed to providing a high standard of public service and to serve the people who live in [CITY/STATE].

I know we can still reach our goal. We need your help. I’ve included the link below so you can donate before it is too late.


Thank you for your continued support!


Email 3: UPDATE

Date: October

Subject: We can do it!


We are still working hard to raise money by October 15! So far we have had [NUMBER] of contributions. Thank you for your hard work, but I still need your help

With just a few weeks left in this election, we’ve worked too hard to give up now. Any donations received today will help us get our final mailers out, lawn signs placed, and phone calls made to persuadable voters in my district.

You can’t count on someone else to donate, we need you!

{Help us reach our goal by donating today!}


Thank you,


This email should be forwarded from a trusted member of your community who has some credibility. You can also replicate a forwarded email to make it look like it’s been forwarded (with the senders permission of course).

Forwarded emails increase open rates

Email 4: FORWARD

Date: October


Subject: FWD: 30 donations; 30 days

Hi [NAME],

Have you seen this email from [CANDIDATE NAME]?

I am proud to support [HIS/HER] campaign, and I’m hoping you will join me in making a donation today. 

{Donate today to help [CANDIDATE]!}

There are just two weeks left in this campaign. Our final marketing piece will be placed next week. All of the hard costs are covered, {so every dollar you give today will go to expanding our message and reaching more voters.}

We are so close to winning this race and we can’t give up now! Thank you for being part of our team.


Forwarded Email ——————————————-

From: [_______]
Date: October
Subject: 30 donations; 30 days


Email 5 – FINAL PUSH

Date: October


Subject: Our Last Fundraising Email

Dear [NAME],

This is the last fundraising email is going to send you this cycle! I know that campaigns, including ours, have been flooding your inbox, so {I appreciate you bearing with us and reaching deep to make one final contribution.}

Thanks to donors like you, our campaign has:

  • Mailed [SPECIFIC NUMBER OR “thousands”] of pieces;
  • Knocked on [SPECIFIC NUMBER OR “hundreds”] of doors;
  • Held [SPECIFIC NUMBER OR “dozens”] of house parties; and
  • Built the team to win this race.


I’m so humbled by all the support and greatly appreciate all you’ve done to help make this campaign successful. 

As we go into the final week, we are not leaving anything to chance. {We still have a number of outstanding bills and invoices that need to be paid, so if you are able to make one last donation, your support is greatly appreciated.}

See you on Election Night!