Using FundHero for Call Time

Most fundraisers are familiar with call time, the donor outreach method that is essential for any fundraiser. It regularly looks like a large list of names, even a binder full of contacts and all their information.

Getting ready for call time takes work. The fundraising team needs to pull together a list of people, find all their information, print it out, and organize it. Then comes to the time to actually call through the list, make notes about each phone call, and then the long task of re-logging those notes into spreadsheets somewhere so no one forgets what happened during the call.

FundHero wants you to rethink the way you do call-time and make it a fully digital experience so that all your information is in one place and less time and effort is required.

Creating Call List

Rather than printing a list out, call time can be done directly through FundHero. All the donor history and contact information is ready to go and easily viewable within the system.

Finding contacts to call in FundHero is quick and simple. All contacts are listed on the left hand side and can easily be searched through, as you scroll through your list flag contacts who need to be contacted. You can also use smart groups to find lapsed donors and other contacts who are good prospects, flagging the contacts as you go.

  1. Find contacts – Search through contacts, flagging ones that need to be called
  2. Use the smart groups to find lapsed donors and outstanding pledges and flag those contacts as well

Making Calls/Logging Information

The flagged list from the above step now becomes your call list. Click on the Flaggedbutton to pull up the list. Now you can start working through the list.

Click on the first contact, you’ll notice all contact information is readily available and if you also scroll down you will see all the the contact and donation history. This gives you an idea of who this person is and what this call will be about.

You can now make the call (if you are on your phone, just click the phone icon to automatically call the contact)

As you’re making the call click the “Action” button. This way as you make the call you can immediately type in all relevant call information. Also note you can track any pledges you might have received over the phone.

Once you’ve logged in the call information you can click the flag icon again to remove the contact from the list and move onto the next contact.

  1. Click the flagged list
  2. Click the first contact, make the call and log any relevant information
  3. Unflag the contact

Following Up

Using the smart groups allows you to track any outstanding pledges, tasks, or potential followups. You can also view any recent donations that still needs to be thanked.

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