Active Contributor Smart Groups

FundHero’s plan has always been to make keeping track of your fundraising as simple as possible, that’s why we developed Smart Groups. We already created lapsed donor, needs followup, outstanding pledges, and recently emailed, but we have added one more! Active Contributors! Sort your most recent contributions by 7 days, […]

Contribution Tags

The latest and greatest FundHero update to hit the system are contribution tags! You can now add a “tag” to a contribution to help organize each donation. As we move forward with testing the tags and implementing them in current user accounts we can start to see how we can […]

Merging Contacts

Between juggling spreadsheets, importing into FundHero, and receiving contributions, odds are at some point you’ve had multiple contacts for the same person in your database. Our developers back at HQ have now built a “merge contacts” feature to help solve this problem. Users can merge contacts on the desktop version […]

Lapsed Donor Groups

Automated groups sort donors who have not given in the past 90 days, 180 days, or 1 year. How to use these pre-made groups: Go to your contacts page Click the group icon next to the search bar Click lapsed donor Click the lapsed time and contact your lapsed donors! […]