Embed Donation Page into Website

Originally we set up FundHero’s donation page to be its own separate page with a link so donors could focus on the donation. However, we have had many requests to embed the donation page into your site so that the donor never has to leave your website.

We put together code so that you can do this on your own!

How to embed your donation page

  1. Take the code below and change the “teamname” to your unique team name. This was created on initial sign up and can be found on your donation page URL
    1. <iframe src=”https://donate.fundhero.io/embed.php/teamname” width=”100%” height=”960″ style=”border:none;”></iframe>
  2. Once you’ve changed the teamname, copy and paste the code into your website builder under your donation page.
  3. Your page is now embedded on your site!

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